What I see when I search on a social network?

  • Facebook: all your friends which also installed the app
  • Contacts: all your phone contacts which have a mobile phone
  • Twitter: people you follow
  • Pinterest: people you follow
  • SoundCloud: people you follow
  • Google: people in your contacts list
  • YouTube: channels you subscripted
  • Vimeo: people you follow
  • Steam: friends which have a public profile
  • GitHub: developers you follow
  • Twitch: people you follow
  • 500px: photographers you follow
  • Path: your friends

What happens when I select one of my friends from the search results?

If your friend is "open", then you can immediately start to chat, if it is not... :(

Why there's no possibility to chat with my contacts (like WhatsApp) :(

On every social network you need to authenticate yourself. Same you have to do with your phone number. And to do this, we should need to send you an SMS with a verification code. There is no other way to safely authenticate a phone number.

Sending SMSs all accross the world costs lots of money, which unfortunately is something we don't have at the moment... :(

Moreover, we want Open messenger to be completely free, so, there's no way we will be adding a subscription fee or asking you to pay for the app.

For the moment no phone contacts, sorry, but as soon as we will find a way to send SMSs, we'll add that feature too ;)

I logged on Facebook but I cannot see all of my friends :(

You can only see friends which have installed the application.

How is Open messenger secure? Can I freely chat with my pals about spreading deadly diseases across the world?

NO. You can't. That's bad and you shouldn't do it.

Anyway, the connection is SSL-based and your messages are stored until they are retrieved by the intended recipient. Then they will only exist on your phone and on the recipient's phone.

But in the meantime (or if something bad happens), they are stored in our server which is on the internet and although we won't look into your conversations, there may be mean people which may try to pull some hacker-style moves on our server to steal something.

So, if you're smart, just don't share your private data and be careful. Anyway, you may also know that NOTHING saved on the internet is completely safe. And if you did not live under a rock until now, you may also remember a couple of *happenings* ;)

There are a lots of socials there. What information about me you store?

We only store the minimum amount of data which is needed for you to be recognizable by one of your friends/follower. This means your profile photo, your (nick)name, the URL to your public profile page and your ID (which is something that defines you uniquely in a social network).
The ID is stored as an encrypted value while the others are password-protected.

Your passwords are not stored. In fact, you always end up on the social networks websites/app when you need to sign in.

How can I send a trill?

Just shake the device, but not too often, we don't want you to accidentally launch your phone or pad :)