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What is Open messenger

Having more than one messagging app to use is a hassle.
So, why not having all your network connections available for messaging in one place?


No more app-switching. All your conversations in one place.


The essential features are always under control.


Afraid of crowds? Want to be invisible? You can do that with a simple gesture.
Want to quit? Sign out from the networks you signed in and you'll leave no traces.

Main features

What you can experience

Embedded messages

Preview Youtube and Vimeo videos, Instagram and Flickr photos, play SoundCloud tracks, display links to images and shared locations


→ message sent.
→ messages read.


Organize and participate in conversations with up to 50 contacts from various socials

Quick contacts

Switch between hot conversations easily by marking contacts as "quick"


Mark a message as preferred to quickly view them whenever you like


Quote a previous message into your own messages


Change text messages size for your contacts


Exchange stickers available from GIPHY.

Trill messages

Set up a trill message to quickly alert, greet or wake up a conversation like the old times...

What will come next

Following are some of the features we are working on and what we would like to add to the system.

In-browser messaging

More socials

Android native app

Google Drive / DropBox / iCloud support

Windows Phone native app

"Big" media files support

Defer messaging

"Alternative" messages visualization

Customizable appearance

The platform

What we achieved with what we have

Lightweight system

Built from scratch with the main goal of keeping it simple, fast and extensible.

Low resources

The whole system is now built solely with our resources. We won't be able to keep it up for a long time, especially if users grow.

High standards

We set them because we know we can meet them.

In a nutshell

All you need to know to get up and running.

All the supported networks

No phone contacts for the moment!!
Want to know why? Check here

Available for iOS

The first social media messaging app

Chat with people you know. It's as simple as that.

Want to know more? Check the FAQ